A Portrait Of A Mind

It has been over a month since my post “Making Faces“, wherein I expressed a desire to acquire a distinctive gravatar to use around these parts. I asked my readers to submit their ideas in the comments, or to send me suggestions via e-mail. Several folks obliged, and supplied some suggestions on various graphics to use. There are some good choices, but I hold to the view that the more the merrier. So I am using this post to showcase the existing suggestions and give folks a chance to make some last minute submissions. Voting will commence in about a week, so its now or never. Well, probably not “never.” I may change the gravatar again at some point (perhaps next year?).

Below are some of the images already submitted:


Words of Wisdom- From Elspeth

An Owl- Mrs KTC

Wisdom Sign- FeminineButNotFeminist

Wisdom Sign- FeminineButNotFeminist

Cross and Bible- FeminineButNotFeminist

Cross and Bible- FeminineButNotFeminist

Oil Lamp- FeminineButNotFeminist

Oil Lamp- FeminineButNotFeminist

Samson- Seriouslypleasedropit

Sword of the Lord- Moose Norseman

Armor of God- Amanda

Oil Lamp Before Mosaic of Christ- Ev

Byzantine Knight- MarcusD


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18 responses to “A Portrait Of A Mind

  1. Oh, come on.

    I mean, no offense, but it’s obvious these all came from women.


  2. I vote for mooses.

    You’re one of the more intellectual writers. Words and a sword suite you

  3. @ Dropit

    I’m not sure that Samson is the image that I’m going for. I rather hope to avoid marrying a Delilah….

    Also, was there a specific David image you had in mind?

    @ Moose

    I rather like that. A lot.

    @ Chad

    “The Sword of Truth” has a nice ring to it. Of course, it does get close to a pop culture reference I could do without, but such is life.

  4. femininebutnotfeminist

    Hmmm, I was planning on voting for the one Elspeth found, but I very much like the one Moose found too… good thing you’re giving us another week to decide before voting Donal! I’ve gotta think about this….

  5. mdavid

    The oil lamp is #1. The owl is a distant #2 (as long as it was only part of the bird wing, not the whole frame).

    All the rest aren’t even as good as your current one. The sword/bible & cross/bible are ok but just not subtle enough for your writing style. The lamp is perfect as a symbol of moral hope in the dark, a continuing theme of your blog.

  6. Not sure what style you’re going for, but I thought this one was interesting (it’s fantasy style)


    Also this one


    I do like the idea of a single lamp/candle burning in the darkness also. I agree with mdavid that it seems to suit your style.

  7. Included folks suggestions into the post. Thanks everyone.

  8. Agapoula

    LOL @ seriouslypleasedropit comment, that just made my day.

  9. Ev

    Variation on the LAMPS theme:

    Might be too detailed when reduced.

  10. @ Ev

    I like that picture, and will include it in the post in a bit. Shrinkage will indeed blur it, but a gravatar isn’t supposed to look great so much as be unique.

  11. @ DJ

    That is an awesome picture. Not exactly what I was thinking of, but still, pretty darned cool. If I create another blog I will have to find some way to use that.

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  13. Here’s a few. I’ve not read the novels, so I don’t know for sure if either of the first two is the right guy. In descending order… one from the books, one from another book featuring the same writer, a stylized version of the first pic, a sage of our times, and a man seeking wisdom.

  14. Celtic mandala cross:

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