Saturday Saints- #12

Alphabetically today’s Saint should begin with a K, which has made today’s post somewhat more difficult. For linguistic reasons there aren’t a whole lot of saints whose name begins with K, at least amongst the oldest of Saints. So today’s post is going to include a fairly recent Saint, who also happens to be an American, Katharine Drexel:

Saint Katharine Drexel, S.B.S., (November 26, 1858 – March 3, 1955) was an American heiress, philanthropist, religious sister, educator, and foundress. She was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church in 2000; her feast day is observed on March 3.

(The full wikipedia article is here. )

In her long and fruitful life, Saint Katharine Drexel accomplished quite a lot.  She established a new order of religious women, the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Using the order as a springboard, she opened a host of schools across the United States, all of which were aimed at those communities that needed them the most. Saint Katharine also helped encourage missionary work as well, primarily towards Native-American communities. She even stood up to the Klan as well. All of this is commendable,  even more so when you realize she gave up a life of luxury to do so. Truly a remarkable woman.

St. Katharine Drexel


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2 responses to “Saturday Saints- #12

  1. Agapoula

    I am not familiar with this Saint. At first I was thinking it is Saint Catherine of the wheel, the Great Martyr but then I realized her name is beginning with C.
    I will read about this Saint Katherine on Monday. Thank you for the post.

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