Quick Blog Update

It is now Holy Week, and any blogging that I engage in will probably be religiously focused. After Easter I will hopefully have a post or two along “Red Pill” lines. One will probably cover Rollo‘s new SMV timelines, while the other will examine the possibilities of “objective” and “subjective” attraction.

Also, I’ve decided to take discontinue my password protected posts. While I liked the idea of them, there was just too much potential for drama there, and I don’t want my blogging distracted by that. They aren’t deleted, I just made them private. If anyone who contributed would like me retrieve some of their own comments for use elsewhere, let me know via e-mail. Otherwise, I may “reconstruct” them as public posts in the future integrating the post and the comments, although with all personal details omitted.

Another thing- a number of my readers connect with me only via e-mail. Some have explained that, for whatever reason, WordPress just doesn’t let them comment. If anyone in that position is interested, I would be willing to post a comment from them if they e-mail it to me, along with the post they would like it to appear on.



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One response to “Quick Blog Update

  1. Maeve

    Happy Easter to you Donal.

    [DG: Thank you!]

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