No Man Is His Own Master…

…at least, not in today’s culture. I overheard this today (slightly edited for clarity and to protect the innocent):

Man 1: So, what do you do for a living?

Man 2: Well, I’m retired now, but I used to run my own business.

Man 1: What was that like?

Man 2: Tough. Lots of stress. Always something demanding my time.

Man 1: Still, must have been nice being your own boss.

Man 2: Eh, well, I have a wife….

Man 1: Well, second-in-command at least?

Two things came to my mind after hearing this conversation.

1) Things really have become this bad. Even as a joke this would have been bad enough, and it was far more serious than joking on their part. [If one wanted to treat it as a joke, it was the kind of joke that one would laugh at only so you didn’t cry. And no one laughed.] I could tell both via the facial expressions and the tone what was really going on. Man 2 was not in charge of his own life, and he knew it. Whether it was because he feared his wife, and the power she could bring against him via the state, or because he had been conditioned to accept it, Man 2 was subject to her, and not the other way around. No idea if they were Christians or not. Or rather, called themselves Christians or not. Because a more complete reversion of Scripture would be hard to find.

2) Egalitarianism was never the goal. Never. The intent of feminism all along was to subjugate men. You cannot have a “perfect” power balance between the sexes. Period. And that is because perfect power balances are simply not possible. Eventually someone has to buckle, or the whole thing will break apart. Someone must submit. Authority must ultimately vest in one entity. That is just how the world works. It is the way of things.

Applying a Christian context to this event, this is what “Mutual Submission” looks like in practice. Oh, there might be those who have some other ideas- they still include notions of wifely submission and husband headship, of reverence and love. But if that is what they are practicing, then it isn’t Mutual Submission as meant and applied by 99% of the “Christians” out there. For that overwhelming majority, Mutual Submission means “equality” in power. And that means, in practice, that the wife rules and the husband submits. Or else.



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57 responses to “No Man Is His Own Master…

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  2. Sorry for the lateness of this comment. I’ve been very busy.
    As for my professor, he teaches a feminist philosophies course. He is a very strong advocate of feminism so, hey, I guess you get what you ask for.

    Also, as for needing a strong man, I agree to a certain extent but I guess it depends on what a woman would define as strong. I prefer quiet, humble men who have a silent confidence about themselves. I don’t really need a “command man”; I’m very simple and appreciate the small things that define masculinity such as problem solving, strength (and I’m not talking about bench pressing 400lbs, but just simple things that most girls cannot do), and the fact that a man can sit down and not be thinking about 10 things at once. I always feel that I’m constantly over thinking or thinking about too many things at once. I admire a man’s ability to focus.

  3. Ballista74,
    You pointed out something I’ve been trying to emphasize on my blog a few times. While I won’t put word’s in Elspeth’s mouth, I don’t believe that was what she was trying to say. Because a lot of her blog is about what women can do in order to become better wives/mothers/women in general.
    Anyway, back to your point, I realize a lot of women always want the best man with some unrealistic list of qualities that are hard to find in one person. But not a single women is willing to work to improve herself. I’ve made two posts directly related to this:

  4. ballista74

    @mdavid I think Elspeth and myself would both agree on your position and always have. There just was a minor disagreement in relationship to what that “team” should look like and what part each of the players should rightfully play, but I think there’s an understanding now.

    @LLB yes, it’s a frustration of mine, especially when I feel I have to live up to it. I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect a woman to be, but it’s hard when a woman feels like she is.

  5. I am repeating myself here, but I don’t see a problem with women needing a strong man. Just as I can see men needing a comforting woman. Its part of the complimentary nature of the sexes. My earlier point was just how feminism has corrupted or poisoned interactions between them.

    @ LLB7

    Your posts tie into some of the concerns that I raised earlier. Men don’t mind being strong for women (truth be told, we kind of like it). But we don’t want to feel used, or for our efforts not to be reciprocated.

  6. Patrick Pedat Ebediyah Golston

    DG writes:

    Your posts tie into some of the concerns that I raised earlier. Men don’t mind being strong for women (truth be told, we kind of like it). But we don’t want to feel used, or for our efforts not to be reciprocated*.

    I agree.  The over-arching point for me is that I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, and because of that I have a responsibility and duty to submit to the commandments and charge of the Father to do my freaking job as:

    His Servant

    A joint-heir with Christ

    A Husband to my wife, according to ALL that Scripture mandates.

    A Father to my children, according to ALL that Scripture mandates.

    A Witness to my Neighbor and to the Nations.

    What I'd like is for my help-meet to do the same.  Period.

    Marriage is nothing to be entered into lightly.  We aren't trained in it the way we are to become a Paramedic or Fork-lift operator.  Some of us were blessed to have examples for our learning (aside from Scripture) and a community that helped raise us, but more of us have had nothing.

    Emulate me as I emulate Christ…put in some work, and, along the way, recognize (reciprocate*) the work I do on OUR behalf.

    Folks are lazy nowadays.  

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