The Godly Masculinity Compendium

Over the course of the last few weeks a lot has been said and done when the subject of Godly Masculinity is concerned. Unfortunately, I have already  lost track of a lot of links that people have mentioned. I don’t want to have to spend time hunting many of these links and articles down in the future, and I suspect that many of my readers feel the same way. So to alleviate that concern I am creating a compendium of discussions, articles and other resources on Godly Masculinity. I invite my readers to use the comments in this post to mention links to anything that they might find topical to the subject. Link to blog posts, articles in journals, books or anything else that might be of us. Also, I am open to ideas on how to organize the compendium.

I. Blogs

Reflections on Christianity and the Manosphere (Deep Strength):

Christian masculinity and confidence
The foundations of Christian Masculinity
Christian masculinity, the nice guy, and neediness
Christian nice guys are stunted in growth
Self improvement versus God improvement
The fundamental nature of Christianity
Always be on your game
Fear, the final frontier
Christian masculinity, mastery, the internal and the external
Anchored emotions
Anchored souls
The Change
Understanding Attraction
Christian nice guys are abused
Christian masculinity, mindset, and fitness testing
Hard mode
Christianity in the western world

From the Depths to the Wilderness (Chad):


II. Articles

III. Books

IV. Videos


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8 responses to “The Godly Masculinity Compendium

  1. I’m unsure how I’d organize posts between bloggers, but my posts so far are very much written in a way that is meant to be read in order. I believe that this trend in my writing will continue, as I foresee myself dedicating multiple posts to specific topics as I come to them. But we’ll see if that’s the case – my experience blogging is that this is not my ‘natural’ inclination. Yet I’ve found it working very well for getting my thoughts across as well as for my own growth. As such, I’ll be striving for that

    Here’s the posts so far:

  2. I made a post now how I don’t believe that Game and Godliness are in conflict:

  3. My about page lists all of the articles I’ve written in terms of categories:

  4. I will try and integrate those suggestions into the post when I get the chance.

    @ RPSMF

    While I found your post interesting, this collection is going to be non-Game focused. A similar one of pro-Game Christian pieces might be a good idea for you to create though.

  5. deti

    DeepStrength’s entire blog should be on this. I don’t agree with everything he’s put forth, but it’s a damn good start.

    also: Dalrock’s post on Headship Game:

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  7. Aquinas Dad

    Sorry for the delay.
    These two also have audio recordings of live presentations available. Br. Andre-marie is a friend and has many other resources available.

    Here is a large number of books, religious and secular.

    Here are seminars. Look around the site because they also have online courses, etc.,3,6,3,6,3,6,3,6

    Everyone who wants to speak well should go at least a handful of times

  8. Thanks AD. Will integrate them into the post later.

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