Knowing When To Escape

The topic of Moral Agency in women is among the first subjects that I discussed on this blog, in part to preserve a post and discussion that took place on Sunshine Mary’s old blog. Since that first post, I left the subject fallow for a long time, until a comment left on that post led me to tell the commenter’s story in Confessions of a Good Christian Girl. After reading her story, I thought long and hard on the subject, and went back through my previous post and the comments there. Rather than write a long post trying to hash out new ground, which wouldn’t really be new, I instead decided to briefly state some of the more important ideas that have emerged as a result of those posts, and then develop them further.

Flee Temptation

12 Therefore let any one who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall. 13 No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your strength, but with the temptation will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

(1 Cor 10:12-13)

This verse has been quoted often by those who disagree with my assertions on moral agency. And I can understand why, from a simple reading of it one could easily gather that we can always resist giving in to temptation. But that simple reading fails to take into account the most important word in verse 13: escape. Other translations of course provide different interpretations, although escape is common. While a few use “bear it”, most make some sort of reference to moving or getting through it. This distinction is important, even essential, as it gets to the heart of my theory.

You see, a woman simply cannot face the temptation of a Dominant Alpha Male and resist his charms forever. If her goal is to resist temptation, to not give in, then she must escape, she must move through or past that temptation. In essence, she needs to get away from him. As long as he is nearby, and without other sources of moral authority to guide her, she is vulnerable. This is the central message of Jesus in Matthew 5:29, to remove from our presence those things which lead us to sin.

The Good Christian Girl (“GCG”) who lost her virtue foolishly believed that she could hang around that Bad Boy and escape giving in to temptation, to giving in to sin. What her pride and arrogance blinded her to was that she had already given in to temptation by letting herself get too close to him, and then staying near him. She knew before then that he was trouble, but despite this chose not to escape. What came next was pretty much inevitable.

The Die is Cast

Another major concept that these discussions have explored is the “moment of decision.” That is, when exactly you give in to temptation. My argument is that the moment when most women give into to temptation around a Dominant Alpha Male is much sooner than they, or anyone else, thinks.  These easiest way to think of this is as a series of concrete steps, rather than just one big event or a point on a scale. So, instead of saying:

A Good Christian Girl agrees to go out on a date with an Alpha and ends up sleeping with him.

You get this:

1) GCG agrees to go out on a date with an Alpha

2) GCG goes out on the date with the Alpha

3) CGC doesn’t drive, but lets Alpha pick her up and drive her to the date

4) GCG drinks some wine while out on the date with the Alpha

5) GCG agrees to let Alpha take her back home

6) GCG invites Alpha into her home “just for a coffee or something”

7) GCG and Alpha start to engage in “kino”

8) GCG make out

9) GCG and/or Alpha start to remove clothing

10) CGC loses virginity to Alpha

When you break it all up like that, you can start to see the problem with saying that the woman can resist. Until you get to point 9, there is nothing that makes it obvious that the woman is going to engage in fornication. And yet, when you examine the overall context of the situation, you can see that each point involves giving in to some measure of temptation. Certainly by point 6 the GCG has already given in to enough temptation that what comes next seems only natural. The problem is that because each point is so minor, the obvious temptation so seemingly insignificant, it becomes very, very easy to give in along the way. By the time you get to the “point of no return”, the GCG has already given into so much temptation it is probably too late for her to realize what is going on, especially when you factor in the next idea.

There’s too much Confusion…

The last major idea I broached concerns the mental state of women in these kinds of situations. As I explained it in my original post:

The essence of the theory is this: the female brain might work in such a way that if a woman were to find herself in a position where she was under the influence of a man with a dominant, masculine frame, the rational part of her mind stops working properly. She can’t think straight. The only things running through her head are base instincts, with desire for the man being the most paramount.

Every straight guy around can tell you that we have trouble thinking clearly when a beautiful woman is around (except perhaps those men who are so successful with women they are no longer fazed by them). For women it is probably worse. We men must become accustomed to our sex drive. It is pretty much always active, and always interfering with our ability to think clearly. Women, however, do not have that active of a sex drive. Theirs is less potent, and “flares” much less often than a man’s. This means that women do not have the same experience in overcoming the effects of their sex drive in their thinking that men do. As a result, women will be less likely to act rationally in a situation where they have become sexually excited.

Also, I have talked with some folks familiar with PUA concepts and the lifestyle, and they have relayed to me similar thoughts. One explained that for women the “mental aspect” of sex begins much sooner than it does with men, and the result is that they stop thinking clearly sooner than men. That same man explained that one way women manifest this is when they go “Doe Eyed”, a sort of dreamy stare directed at a man which is indicative of unfettered attraction for the men. While that man didn’t take advantage of the situation, he explained that he would have had no problem doing so; once a woman enters the “Doe Eyes” state she has essentially surrendered her agency to a man.


The most solid advice to be offered to women who want to maintain their virtue is to never allow themselves to get into a position where there isn’t someone else around to stop things from getting out of hand. Use the buddy system. Don’t drink if it will affect your thinking. Never invite a man whose integrity you are uncertain of into your home at night, or enter his home at night. Most important of all, never assume that you can always resist. Flight, not fight, is your best option when temptation is concerned.

So, to the “Good Christian Girls out there, remember this: as a woman, you were meant to be conquered. When alone with an attractive man, every cell in your body will scream for you to yield yourself to him, to be conquered by him. So guard yourself, guard your virtue. Ensure that when you are in a situation where you might yield, it is a situation where you want to yield, a situation otherwise known as your wedding night.


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  1. Something to be remembered is that both genders are wired to “escalate” once things get going, which is why you need to avoid letting things “get started” in the first place.

    On a related note, I just saw this on another feed I follow, and I think it’s appropriate for consideration here:

    I do have issue with “#13. Subscribes excessively to traditional male and female stereotypes” as I see that as fem-speak for “not a feminist”.

  2. mdavid444444

    This post was long and carefully argued, but at the end I’m left scratching my head: so what? Who could deny that a woman should avoid intimate contact with an alpha male unless she’s looking for sex? Nobody could be that dumb. Guarantee her father ain’t that dumb :-).

  3. Mdavid, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to repeat the obvious. And there are plenty of people who deny that a woman should avoid intimate contact with an alpha unless sex is on her mind, including that Good Christian Girl whose story I highlighted. Far too many parents think that they merely have to tell their daughter that all she needs to do is say “No”, and she is covered. Or that if they give her a purity ring she will be safe.

  4. Just flee.

    Or even better yet, don’t be there in the first place.

  5. When wrote, “as a woman, you were meant to be conquered”…that scared me. I don’t know…but it didn’t give me a good feeling. It almost makes me feel as if I have to be constantly watching my back.

  6. @ Lovely

    I don’t know…but it didn’t give me a good feeling.

    Likely because you have yet to meet a man whom you would want to conquer you.

    A certain amount of caution is warranted. Fear of men is natural, and not necessarily a mistake. The key is to temper that fear, and use it to protect yourself while not letting it overcome you. When women let that happen, they cloister up and end up spinsters. The problem is that a system for safely helping you meet the right now no longer exists any more.

  7. I don’t know…I won’t think about it too hard. This is just more of a reason why girls need fathers.

  8. jack

    Like I said on the other thread, if he didn’t escalate, she could claim credit for her virtuous behavior.

    If he did escalate, then she could call it a “mistake”, and enjoy her delicious fornication, but while shifting the blame to “circumstances”.

    Either way, she can see it as a “win”.
    I don’t think many women can be cured of a spirit of fornication. They are best left to go on their own.

  9. Move to China, India or Japan. Not many alphas there.

  10. A Northern Observer

    Fear of men is natural, and not necessarily a mistake.

    I would rather term it “Respect of men for what they are capable of is natural….”

  11. femininebutnotfeminist

    @ Donal,

    Another great post! 🙂

    @ Lovely,

    Yeah we do need to watch our backs to a certain extent, though not to the point of total suspicion of every guy we come across. The balance can be hard to find though.

    @ hoellenhund,

    Nah, every country and/or ethnicity has it’s fair share of alphas

  12. @hoellenhund:
    No, the men in those countries don’t take half of the crap that women give compared to the men in the west. Actually the number one complaint I here from western women who come from Japan is that no men are interested in them. I’ve noticed only the skinny and girly girls will find a partner there. In short, I find it funny when western men try to put down men in Asia because they rarely, if ever, complain about their women.

  13. mdavid444444

    Jack, I don’t think many women can be cured of a spirit of fornication. They are best left to go on their own.

    Agreed. Nor many men, either. This is normal and natural.
    Historically, men and women merely hooked up with the mate next door. And if and when he or she stopped benefiting from the deal…well, he merely stopped bringing her meat and/or she stopped making his clothing. But they had to find somebody else, or they quickly starved. Hench, fornication is a mandatory survival trait for humans without a mate. Stronger than thirst, methinks. Christian parents would do well to consider this when considering marriage age.

  14. Women shouldn’t be afraid of men. Besides, if a man is dominant and chaste who is looking for a chaste Christian woman to be his wife, this wouldn’t be an issue of concern. The onus falls on Christian women and her parents to ensure they meet the right kind of men. Fathers are supposed to guard over their daughters and mothers are supposed to be instructing their daughters on how to be attractive mates. Not “conquests.”

  15. @ Lacegate

    I agree with you, although I think you misunderstand my use of the word conquest. All woman want to be conquered, and they want men who are conquerors. Conquest here means to be dominated, to be overcome with awe. It doesn’t mean forced or tricked. Women, even Christian women, want to yield to a powerful, dominant man.

    The key, as you alluded to, is to train and protect Christian women so that they can find a good Christian man who will want to marry her. She will still be conquered, but only on her wedding night, and only by a worthy man.

    Wrap it up in whatever language you like, but women, all women, want that dominant man and want to give themselves up to him. As Christians, our aim is to ensure that women only do so when married, and when married to a God-fearing man.

  16. Women are their own worst enemy in believing the lies about agency and autonomy. They think they can always say no, always resist temptation, and will not succumb.

    The gcg was always attracted to the alpha. Going out with him increases the exposure to temptation. The big issue now is will she repent, or will she double down?

    Back in the days of blue pills and falsehoods, several gcgs went down this path. Afaik, none of them ever repented. From ‘it wasnt my fault’, its a short hop to ‘all men are bastards’ (unless you were alpha, of course).

    Young women are in rebellion and will not receive instruction on this. Several of those former gcgs were ruined forever, not by the fornication, but by a failure to own the sin and repent of it. Their hardness of heart led to full blown bitch shields. Sometimes in disguise as ‘gone to the mission field’.

    Sad for them, and the beta men that might have married them.

  17. Fathers are supposed to guard over their daughters and mothers are supposed to be instructing their daughters on how to be attractive mates

    Not happening. Women are presumed to have superior moral authority to men. Fathers have no authority over their daughters, and contemporary mothers have little idea how degraded hookup culture is, and how powerful hypergamy has become.

    A father instructing his daughter or managing her contact with men is seen as repressive patriarchy in action. A woman wants to be dominated, not by her father or some other good guy beta, but by an alpha for whom she tingles.

  18. It is the Spirit of God that renews hearts, is it not? Be assured, God both can and does heal women (and men) of all sorts of unrighteousness.

  19. Things in Japan are extremely weird between men and women. Many are forgoing dating and marriage altogether. Japanese women are fetishized in very strange ways. If you look up recent articles about the state of relationships, you’ll see how unhealthy things are. Japanese men (in general) are not a good example. And in China, apparently the one child policy coupled with a preference for having boys has created a gender disparity–not enough women to go around. Apparently, many Chinese men are desperate and women take advantage of the numbers to make increasingly tough demands. There was a recent article about a Chinese man who committed suicide rather than continue to give into his girlfriend’s shopping demands. Others living in China commented about the power imbalance developing.

  20. This post reminded me much of my own recent one dealing on breaking chains of habits – only this one is concerned with breaking chains of sins.

    I think that all of us, men and women, would do well to examine where we start to lose our moral agency in regards to sinful temptations. I don’t believe that we ever -completely- lose it, only that we go into such an auto pilot after a certain point in regards to any sinful act that it takes a great deal of will power, which can be aided by a shock of incongruity in our surroundings, to overcome all the temptations that we’ve already submitted to. For it remains that each step of that chain was a willful submission to temptations that the individual knew to be wrong on some level, yet chose to rationalize away. Those build into a wall which that will power must smash through to get to the Godly choice to avoid sin.

    Enough such sins, and those walls between an individual and holiness become a personal house of sin, which must be torn down to the foundation in order to build a new house, upon the rock.

  21. I’m aware of all the things you mentioned. People in Japan are forgoing relationships, but the reasons for that are primarily because most women in Japan want a career over marriage. In Japan, it is hard to be a married woman and work. Most women are expected to give up their jobs when they get married and have children, considering the average shift is 12 hours (and that is without overtime). There are Japanese men who are socially awkward and have fake …animated girlfriends? Those men are weird and are even seen as weird in Japan. They are not common. In the west, we like to popularize all these crazy stories about Japan that simply aren’t common over there. It is seen as weird to the average Japanese person as it to the American person. Patriarchy, while slowly declining, is still very much alive in Japan, more so than in America.

    China’s problem with the power imbalance is not just because of the one child law, but the law that makes it mandatory for sons to financially take care of their parents. Women do not have this obligation. If a couple chooses to have a girl over a boy, they are essentially throwing away any security of retirement unless their daughter gets married and their son-in-law takes care of them.

    I heard of that story. It is sad, but also irrational. It is old news though that most Asian women are very materialistic.

  22. Augustina

    This story, as sad as it is, is as old as human history. This is why Jesus came with saving grace, because we cannot do it on our own. Human beings give easily to temptation.

    Donal, my response isn’t so much to you, but to some of your commenters who seem to take this as an example of the unique wickedness of women. A woman was seduced. She was seduced because, as she said, he made her feel good and she liked that feeling. She knew it was wrong, but that visceral desire overcame her attempts to fight the temptation.

    Do you think that being seduced is unique to women? That men don’t become overpowered by strong sexual desire and then sin? Really? Do you have commenters and posts agonizing over men’s lack of moral agency?

    Men are seduced all the time. It’s a story as old as human history. World literature, poetry, opera and even the Bible are full of stories of men being seduced by women.

    An example that I know of, and equally as tragic as what happened to the Good Christian Girl, is what happened to a good Christian Priest. Years ago, the Archbishop of Atlanta was caught in a sexual scandal with a woman.

    This woman, it turns out, had had affairs with several other priests. As I read the story with sadness, I was surprised to read the name of a priest that I knew in passing. He was a devout, conservative priest. He was very pro-life and I had been involved in the pro-life movement at the time. He had opened up his church for a pro-life meeting, when no other priests would have the courage to do so.

    At this time, I happened to be in the sanctuary of his church when very few people were about. I saw him there, on his knees before God. He was in deep prayer, and I thought to myself: what a good and devout priest. Little did I know at the time what he was truly going through. Looking back, I understand that he must have given into temptation or was in the midst of it. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

    It can happen to any of us. You, me, and your commenters. You are right, we must stay away from situations that could lead to sin. But this is not exclusive to women.

  23. The Japanese gov’t has been doing it’s own studies and it’s not just the women. Men as well are forgoing romantic relationships altogether. Animated girlfriends are seen to be weird, but the lack of sexual interest in general (without any religious or philosophical motive) are more of a concern.

    I mentioned Japan and China because they have a different set of problems that are just as bad as what is happening here.

  24. Japan’s sex industry is humongous, a lot of men don’t see the need for marriage if there are other ways to fulfill their sexual gratifications. Also, men in Japan are losing interest for sex at the same time, but it is for different reasons than compared to America. Most women in America are overweight, and dare I say, generally not attractive and don’t give much attention to their appearance. It is not like that for women in Japan. The reason why there is a low sex drive for men in Japan is because of the desensitization to sex due to the prevalence of the porn and the sex industry. It is so common and easy in Japan, that it has gotten boring. Sex is no longer seen as sacred, but something primal. Therefore, as one Japanese guy mentioned in an article I read, “Sex is boring and common”.

    America is heading on this route if the hook-up and porn culture continues to thrive.

    I agree with your last sentence. China and Japan are going through similar problems just like us, but for different reasons. Feminism isn’t one of them, though it is growing slowly over there.

  25. mdavid444444 – Nobody could be that dumb. Guarantee her father ain’t that dumb :-).

    I used to think no one could be dumb enough to threaten a drunk, violent guy twice her size; smoke weed three days before a scheduled job interview-related drug test; punch a cop; see their own kid shoot himself in the hand with a gun and then wrap it up and get high instead of taking him to the hospital; start dating the guy who repeatedly beat up her best friend; walk against the light in front of a fast-moving truck; etc etc etc. People really are that dumb. Including the “educated” ones who really should know better.

    Some of those I witnessed firsthand. Reading local police reports is quite entertaining. Check your town’s paper and grab a beer.

    China and Japan are going through similar problems just like us, but for different reasons

    So much for the shine of that Japan, the sparkle of that China.

  26. Aquinas Dad

    For a recent one-off presentation I researched what the Church has taught on courtship, etc. It is pretty clear; the best source is probably old Manuals for Confessors. These awesome books are summaries of moral theology used to teach/help priests offer advice in the confessional. So I pored through a few and made my presentation.
    The biggest, baddest source of push-back (and I mean as in ‘the head of the Diocesan singles group tried to forbid me to even *mention* this clear moral teaching’ pushback) was this simple, clear advice repeated in each book from about 1650 on:
    “In the context of courtship, an unmarried woman and an unmarried man should never be alone in private”
    Some of the pushback was simple lack of common sense; no, this doesn’t apply to brothers and sisters, etc (ignoring the ‘courtship’ part); yes, a doctor or nurse can treat a patient (‘courtship’, again); and no, being together in a car on a public street isn’t ‘alone in private’ – people can readily observe you.
    But other pushback was more direct; ‘I can’t go into a woman’s apartment when her room mate isn’t there?’ – no, you can’t. ‘I can’t go to his place and cook him dinner in his house and then watch a movie snuggled up on the couch?’ – not without a chaperone, you can’t.
    And GCG is the perfect example why – the near occasion of sin. We are to avoid the near occasion of sin whenever we can and this most certainly includes never putting ourselves in a situation like, well, what GCG went through.
    The wisdom of this should be self-evident.
    As I like to remind people: our ancestors were at least as smart as we are, and often more practical because they had fewer resources. They didn’t make up cultural norms like chaperones to give each other fits.

  27. swampharrier

    ”1) GCG agrees to go out on a date with an Alpha”
    Why would GCG go out on a date with an unbeliever in the first place?

  28. Augustina

    Aquinas Dad, I totally agree. I think our grandparents had a better understanding of human sexuality than we do today. They would tell young women to “not put themselves in a compromising position.” Or to take care around men, lest “he take advantage of you.” We need to ask ourselves: WWVD: What Would the Victorians Do.

    We need to ask ourselves: WWVD:

    We need to go back towards what the Victorians did: keep men and women sep

  29. @ Aquinas Dad

    Thanks for providing those observations. Do you have a website or book or something to recommend? I would love to have something to show my parish.

  30. @ Swampharrier

    There is no good reason for her to do so. Which is why I broke it up into concrete steps. This way you can see that each and every step was a step in the wrong direction, towards temptation, towards sin.

  31. @ Augustina

    Do not laud the Victorians. They were as hypocritical as any Churchian today. Their practices were by no means any better than ours, they just knew to hide them better.

  32. deti

    Augustina, December 16, 3:40 am:

    We are fully aware of man’s sexual wickedness and sinfulness. We men have those propensities thrown in our faces 24/7/365. We men are raised from earliest boyhood being told how bad, evil, violent, predatory and criminal our sex drives are.

    All these commenters are doing is calling attention to the fact that women are not morally superior to men in this regard, nor less susceptible to sin in this area.

  33. Why would GCG go out on a date with an unbeliever in the first place?

    Short answer: tingles.

    Long answer: missionary dating.

    Practical outcome: missionary position.

  34. jack

    Just another forni-lympics competitor who didn’t take home the Gold.

    I’ve run critically low on empathy or mercy for such behavior. And unwilling to wife up the completely broken women in my age group.

  35. Augustina

    Deti, I totally agree.

    Donal, my comment about the Victorians was somewhat tongue in cheek, but they at least had some standards. The illegitimate birth rate was 6% in Victorian times. It’s approaching 50% now.

    Idiot women dress and act like harlots, come on to men, go to unsupervised parties get drunk, and then cry ‘rape’ the next morning. We are told that somehow that is all the man’s fault. Under old fashioned standards (if you will not allow me the term Victorian) none of those behaviors are engaged in by respectable women.

  36. @ Augustina

    True, things were better in many respects then. I just think that we need to be careful in lauding past ages as examplars of perfection, when they oftentimes had deep problems as well.

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  38. Aquinas Dad

    The best is probably
    F.A.Gopfert, Moraltheologie
    Gopfert was a top-notch moral theologian and very good at simple, direct statements on moral theology. His ‘Handbook of Moral Theology’ was updated and translated in 1919 and is available online for free at the Internet Archive (note – it is 3 large volumes!) and is still the basis for handbooks for moral theologians and confessors today.
    Another is
    A.Lehmkuhl, Casus conscientiae
    Good, but the only free versions are in Latin. And edited version in English called “The Casuist” can be found.

    And your parish probably already owns the wonder ‘A Manual of Moral Theology for English-Speaking Countries’ by Slater and Martin

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  41. sigmaframe

    Donal, your theory here is fascinating, and it is clearly worth pursuing for the sake of helping us understand temptation more clearly. As you pointed out, it is very important for Christians and non-Christians alike.

    Although very belated to this discussion, I want to share my experience with this, for what it’s worth. I’m a white, protestant, Gen X, American man. I resolved to remain a virgin until marriage, and (with considerable effort) I was able to do so for all of my 20’s. But when I hit my SMV prime in my early 30’s, many women began targeting me in very explicit ways. They would cold approach me in the drugstore, on the street, on the MRT, in restaurants… I could not escape it. After a while of this, I felt like something shifted. As you described, “…the rational part of her mind stops working properly. She can’t think straight.” That’s how I felt too. I couldn’t avoid or bear the temptation any longer. Faking a low SMV and acting needy didn’t faze them either. I became very promiscuous for a while. It was just too easy, and my willpower was exhausted from a decade of waiting. Admitted, I was also angry about having to wait so long to find a suitable wife because my abstinence had essentially put me out of the modern marketplace. It was also about this same time when I realized that if I didn’t break into the marketplace, I might never be married. (I am still not sure if that was a justifiable rationalization or just a himster rationalization. This whole ordeal was really frustrating for me.)

    A lot of people don’t want to believe my story, but it’s true. Even while I was a virgin, people surmised I was a player with a deceptive story – which really exasperated me.

    Now you discussed the case in which the female is unable to resist the wiles of an alpha male having the implied intent on upping his notch count. In my case, the females had intent, and I was a greenhornish sigma who was looking the other way, so to speak. Nevertheless, I got rolled.

    I have always been confused whether some part of my hindbrain was seducing them, or if I was in fact the one getting seduced, or maybe both. (I think I closed a lot of things out of my mind in my effort to remain chaste.) Since then, I’ve come to know myself better – if a female targets me with determined intent, and liberally pours on the honeycraft, then I will lose my load.

    My experience resonates with certain aspects of Heartiste’s latest post, “The Girl Notch”. It’s worth reading.

    So, in addition to protecting doe-eyed women from alpha players, I suspect that protecting high SMV males from hyperdriven females is another reason why some (past) cultures have kept their women tightly shuttered. Even today, some subcultures (e.g. Amish, Mennonite, Assembly of God) employ sex segregation, even after marriage. (It’s actually MORE important after marriage.) To my knowledge, these communities have a very low divorce rate.

    Another thing, the idea of moral agency seems to take on a judgmental tone, which apparently caused at least one commenter some confusion about the purpose of this discussion. A more graceful approach would be to view it as simply the juxtaposition of two natures – the flesh and the spirit. In this case, maybe we’re overthinking it all if it is simply the “fleshly nature” that the Bible often warns about. But yet, so much ignorance remains. Someone commented that your theory and all these questions are stupid, but I always say it’s better to ask a stupid question than to make a stupid mistake.

    I am not sure what I want to say about this in regard to your projections, but I do think my experience relates to this topic, and it’s worthy of consideration. Personally, I hope to gain a sense of self-understanding and closure about my experiences.

  42. Sigma, thanks for the comment. I appreciate your sharing your experiences. Worth a response on my part if I can find the time later this week.

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  45. After some additional study of this topic, I found one of my older posts contributes a significant point to this discussion: That one’s anticipation of a desired outcome is a determining factor in how one deals with the escalation of temptation. Read more about this here.

  46. An interesting read, Sigma. Given me some things to think about.

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