Quick Preview of Upcoming Posts

I have a couple of posts in the pipeline right now, and hope to have the first of them up later tonight or early tomorrow.

After having talked privately with a number of people, I want to address the subject of the “1-10 scale” again. Specifically, what I want to cover is just how subjective it really is. We know every man has his own set of criteria on what he likes, but I’m curious just how far it extends. So what I’m planning on doing is posting a number of videos of some female ASMR artists (a mix of some I like and others who I think would provide a good variety of physical features). Then, underneath each video I will have a poll to give readers a chance to rate the attractiveness of the woman. I’m very much curious to see just how much of a “spread” there is.

Another post will cover a subject I’ve briefly discussed before, but haven’t addressed in a while: discerning whether chaste men or women have a more difficult time of it in the present SMP/MMP. Inside of that, I’m looking at a few smaller things.  Like  the difficulty in determining whether someone is an acceptable spouse candidate or not, how unchaste women ruin the playing field for chaste women.

I also want to write a post covering sexual attraction, arousal, marriage, submission and the like. Mostly in response to this post on Sunshine Mary’s blog. This will probably be the one I write up first, as it should be the shortest.



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6 responses to “Quick Preview of Upcoming Posts

  1. I also want to write a post covering sexual attraction, arousal, marriage, submission and the like. Mostly in response to this post on Sunshine Mary’s blog. This will probably be the one I write up first, as it should be the shortest.

    I’m really curious to hear what you’ll have to say about that. Deti and I have even discussed this issue a bit by email, but we still just cannot agree with one another. I have all these ideas about how a woman might try to fix broken attraction cues for her husband, but I have no way to test them since I’m attracted to my husband. I wish I could find a woman to try out my ideas with her husband and then report back to the group.

  2. SSM, I can’t say that they will be detailed ideas, much less great ones. But I will see about writing it up ASAP.

  3. Tim

    Gotta say, a 1-10 scale sounds incredibly infantile, like something I’d have used in 7th grade. A relationship (in my view) is far more complex than how someone looks.

  4. @ Tim

    Yes, relationships are more complex than mere attractiveness. But I’m not talking about relationships, I’m only discussing physical attractiveness here.

    As for a rating system being juvenile, don’t pretend that you don’t mentally evaluate the physical attractiveness of every woman you meet. Whether you use a rating system or not, the male brain still makes that evaluation. A 1-10 scale is merely a means of organizing those evaluations.

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  6. j

    It’s just a collective ranking system to average many subjective views to establish an approximate objective value comparative to the whole set of all subjects being ranked.

    Have you ever watched the Olympics?
    They do the same thing to athletes to find an overall best athlete for each competition. But we never call the Olympic 1-10 system of ranking athletes “immature.”

    The only reason we’re afraid to rank women is because women don’t want to face their fears and insecurities about their looks. Saying this is “immature” is just an emotive defense to avoid judgements against those insecurities.

    Athletes who accept that they are entering a difficult competition/comparison to other athletes, want to bring their best talents/skills to light to establish their value above other athletes.
    It is not a statement of their personal worth as humans. It is not even that personal. It is only a value assigned to their willingness/ability to compete well for that recognition as a great athlete. Athletes who don’t want to compete at all, and so avoid all such comparisons of skill/ability values will never be noticed, and so automatically receive a score of zero for failing to accept the challenge.

    People who say these rankings are immature are taking this system too personally. One can be both an amazingly beautiful woman and a horrible person, just as another can be physically ugly with a heart of pure gold. Their beauty ranking does not describe their human worth.

    We make the mistake that judging a woman’s physical appearance is also a possible death sentence against her personal worth, when it is not. Those are two different things. It’s just an honest assessment of one of many variables men use to evaluate a woman’s marriage potential.

    If women don’t want to accept that honest assessment and challenge to establish their value as “athletes” willing to improve their skills/abilities in the compition for sex/marriage, then they can complain all they want from the sidelines, but the failure to face those fears and insecurities in order to improve themselves is an undesirable trait that gives them a comparative score of zero.

    Women score men based on their assessment of our worth everyday, but they would never admit that to be “fickle” or “immature.”

    We are all being judged anyway, whether or not we have a poll to look at. Choosing to hold a poll and display the resulting score chart is just being honest about that human behavior.

    I don’t see a moral problem with this if the motive and intent is to educate women to make wiser choices towards a likely happier future. You’re not trying to condemn and discourage less attractive women, but encourage them to be realistic about their current “performance” and motivate them to become better versions of themselves, and pursue their best options towards that future.

    I have no problem with this poll, other than the potential for the small sample size to produce relatively inconclusive results.

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