Reader Poll- Personality

Motivated by my last post, I am throwing up a poll to see where my readership falls on the Myers-Brigg’s Spectrum. You can find an example of such a test here.

Actually, while I’m at it, I think I will put up another poll and see what the breakdown of my readership is between men and women.


Edit: If anyone wants to leave their results in the comment below, feel free.



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61 responses to “Reader Poll- Personality

  1. Donal, I’ve started about five replies to you and I can’t get it right. I really need to think about it some more.

  2. **”Female commenters are over-represented as compared to my total readership.”**

    Probably not what you’re wanting, buy hey, maybe it’s a form of preselection?!:)

  3. @ Amanda

    Hah! Never thought of it that way. I’m not complaining, just making an observation. Knowing who my audience is makes a difference in terms of who I am writing for.

  4. @ Maeve

    Well, if it helps you out, I made two points there:

    1) Men cannot be themselves if that self isn’t what women find attractive. (which really was more of a tangent than an answer to your point)

    2) The second point is that “who I am” was not really much of my choice to begin with. Even though I understand this now, that information is only of so much value to me, if I can’t use it to change myself to who I want to be.

  5. @mdavid: “The comment was somewhat tongue in cheek. I’ve had many a long conversation with a female INTJ while my wife shakes her head and handles practical matters (food, children, dishes, time-management…). INTJ’s like myself are wont to live within abstract ideas; I need a wife firmly in the real world…but one’s mileage may vary…”

    As an INTJ mother I have to say my mileage really doesn’t vary that much from yours. I do run into that problem you pointed out. On the rare occasion we have company I tend to converse over doing my duties. I even find I get stuck in this online far too often. I mean I know I need to do the dishes and what not but someone is talking about gender roles as a societal invention! How do I counter this? I listen to history, literature, and doctrinal podcasts or YouTube videos while I do my chores. I have a pen and paper handy for notes. Then, at the end of the day, I converse with my husband, who is an INTP, about it. Homeschool also helps as does that I view gender roles as a necessary function of nature/life. That my role makes sense to me means that my role is important enough to deserve my focus.

    But, to be honest, it does bother me that I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. I wish I could just “take tea with the girls”. But no, I’m Jo March sitting in on the male conversation interjecting my say (because I always have something to say). Thankfully my husband enjoys conversing with me.

  6. Cautiously Pessimistic

    Part of me would like to think that because I understand this, I can choose now exactly what that skin is.

    Eh… think about it like playing a hand of cards. You’re stuck with the cards your dealt, but you can change how you play them and that can change a loss to a win.

  7. INFJ. I never took one of these tests before. Quite interesting.

  8. Mrs. KTC

    INTJ here married to an ISTJ. Never seen so many INTJ women in one place before, interesting. . .

  9. INFJ

    Personality Junkie is a great website for any who are intereted. Tailored to “Ns”.

  10. On personality and what women find attractive. Ideally, each man would only need one woman to find him attractive, his betrothed/wife. We can’t be all things to all people. There is, indeed, a lid for every pot.

  11. Ton

    Only a woman can afford to be so ridiculously optimistic

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