The Righteous Alpha

A number of weeks back a reader of mine sent me an e-mail, asking if he knew of any blog posts that addressed the following two, related questions:

How can a man become a deeply committed Christian and not then become the epitome of all that a woman despises?

Is ‘Alpha’ and ‘Christian male’ a  dichotomy?

I let him know that I would try and answer these questions, although it has taken me far longer than I originally intended.

Let me begin by answering his question: Yes. It is possible to be what van Rooinek once called “the Righteous Alpha.” This post will provide a brief idea on how that is possible.

One note: what is commonly known as “Alpha” in the manosphere can be usually translated as “attractive.” So an Alpha Male is a man who is considered attractive, even highly attractive, to women. The “Righteous Alpha” is a God-fearing man who is attractive to women, and thus in a position to hopefully marry a good Christian woman. Personally, I don’t like “Alpha” and “Beta” as they are used in the manosphere, and try to avoid using them whenever possible. So from now on don’t expect to see Alpha or Beta show up very often.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In my post Are Women Attracted to Evil? I explained that attraction is amoral; women are attracted to certain key features of men, namely Looks, Athleticism, Money, Power and Status, irrespective of any moral context. I wrote that post to address whether women were attracted to Evil (shocker, I know!), and arrived at the conclusion they aren’t. Attraction, like hypergamy, doesn’t really care about Good and Evil. Of course, how a woman reacts to that attraction does reflect moral choices. That post focused mainly on attraction and Evil, and only tangentially addressed how attraction relates to Good.  Here are a few quick primers on that interaction before I go into depth:

The Good- Being a devout, God-fearing Christian man does not mean that you will be inherently unattractive to women.

The Bad- Unfortunately, being a devout Christian, God-fearing Christian man won’t make you attractive to women either.

The Ugly- A lot of what Christian men are taught in how to act and behave does make them unattractive to women.

As far as the Good and the Bad go, your faith is a wash (with one possible exception, mentioned later). It won’t help or hurt in and of itself when it comes to attraction. Now, I need to make an important explanation here: Attraction is not the same thing as Desirability. As I explained in Attraction versus Desire:

Attraction is a matter of biology, we don’t have much, if any, control over what we find attractive. It really boils down to sex appeal in the end. Desirability is another matter, however. What we desire is based on conscious as well as unconscious preferences for behaviors and characteristics in a mate.

A Christian woman looking for a devout Christian man will find your faith desirable… but only if she finds you to be attractive first. Attraction is the key hurdle to overcome; once you have made your way there the hard part is mostly done with.

As for the Ugly, it encompasses a lot of the behaviors and characteristics that so many Christian men are taught from a young age. The biggest problem lies in many men being taught to be nice, as nice is a sure-fire turn-off for women.

The rest of this post will try and briefly explain how you can build your attractiveness while still being a deeply committed Christian. My response will be divided into three sections. The first covers general rules of attraction outside of any religious context. The second covers how some of what passes as Christian teaching about women is wrong, and how to correct its mistakes. The third and final section covers how you might be able to use your involvement in your church, and your faith, to your advantage in generating attraction. None of them is going to be especially long or detailed, as each could take up its own post.

I. Universal Rules

The basic criteria that women use to judge the attractiveness of a man are universal. All women judge by them, although each woman might (unconsciously) rate the different attributes higher or lower in importance. They fall into three general categories: Appearance, Personality, and Externalities. The sub-categories, which are specific enough to provide working guidelines, are Looks, Athleticism, Money, Power and Status, also known as LAMPS:

Looks- This includes physical attractiveness, such as facial symmetry and strong masculine features in a man’s face.

Athleticism– Here we have the overall physical attributes of a man. His strength, muscle tone, endurance, dexterity and general athletic ability.

Power– This subcategory is a short-hand for Masculine Power, or Masculinity. Aspects of a man’s personality such as confidence, assertiveness, self-mastery, dominance, a commanding presence, poise and posture would fall under the Power sub-category. These are often known as “Alpha Male Traits.”

Money– This sub-category includes a measurement of both the amount of resources that a man can call upon in the present, as well as what he might be able to make or create in the future. However, it takes a LOT of money for it to really affect attractiveness.

Status– This sub-category includes the social position of the man and is principally based on where he is on the social ladder. Any authority that a man can exercise in the community based on his position would fall under Status.

In terms of importance, from greatest to least, they are: Power, Status, Athleticism, Looks, Money.

From this point on, I’m going to offer a proscriptive analysis, using a generic Christian male as the recipient of my advice, otherwise known as “you.”

If you can increase these attributes it should translate to greater attractiveness in the eyes of all women (some more than others). The advantage of this framework is that shows a man how to build attraction outside of the context of faith. For a man who was raised in a Churchian background, this is important, as he can make strides in boosting his LAMPS values while he is still unlearning Churchian behaviors. Of course, how much you can improve each “vector” or category of attributes is different:

Looks- This set of attributes is the one that you have least control over. Most of it is determined by genetics. What little control you do have comes from dieting. Or, if you are willing to take the risk, surgery. Eating healthy makes a difference here, as it can affect your hair and skin. Fortunately, this is not an important attribute. The right clothing might help emphasize your more positive features in this category.

Athleticism- Barring significant health issues, you should have a lot of control over this. Healthy eating plays a role here as well, and is critical for controlling your weight. If you haven’t gone Paleo, or some version of it, start looking it up now. It works. Start working out, if you aren’t already. If you are doing cardio, start lifting weights. The health benefits are great, it boosts your confidence, and it dramatically increases your value here. While women might have individual preferences in the type of build a man might have, the general rule of thumb is that the more muscles, the better. This is the easiest and first area where you can begin to make a difference in your attractiveness. Start here.

Money- It takes a lot of money for this vector to be meaningful, so you probably won’t be able to rely on it. And improving it takes time and effort, and a lot of both. Fortunately, it is also the weakest vector by far. Now, if you actually are rich, or make a lot of money (or both), then don’t hide this. This may seem superficial, but it does attract women despite what many say. Don’t worry about gold-diggers for now, filtering comes later.

Power- This most important set of attributes is the one you will need to work on the longest. Increasing your Power means changing your personality, and how you behave. Needless to say, this takes time and discipline. I can’t explain it fully in a single post, much less a single paragraph. What I can tell you is that you need to become and make it clear that you are confident. You need to be assertive in everyday life, especially around women. I will talk more about this below.

Status- There are several ways to improve this attribute. The first is to take leadership roles, wherever they might be. Authority is an important part of Status, and the more authority you wield, the better. Climbing the ladder in any hierarchy is probably going to help you; women are attracted to the guy at the top, not the bottom. The higher up the food chain, the higher your Status, and the more attractive you become. Now, Status is highly contextual, so be aware that it only helps you if women know or are familiar with it. A highly respected job will help your Status, as will being respected in the community. So community outreach, or engaging in local politics, or anything that gets your name and face in the paper and on television will help you out. Needless to say, that is easier to do in a smaller community.

Those are some quick suggestions on what you can do to improve your LAMPS values. Now, these are only starting points. A real transformation is probably the work of years, although you can make a serious difference in only a few months if you put in the time and effort.

II. Everything You Know is Wrong

A lot of men show up in these parts wondering why they can’t seem to get a date. They are frustrated because their Christian faith is not only not helping them with Christian women, it seems to be hurting them. The reason for their frustration is because many churches (along with parents and the general community) are teaching men to be unattractive. The good news is that it isn’t Christianity that is the reason for this, but instead various accoutrements that are attached to Christian doctrine/teaching but are treated as if they are a part of the faith. I will quickly explain some of the behaviors/attitudes to avoid, and why.

Be Nice: Women are not attracted to nice. Not in the slightest. Whatever your parents told you, whatever the leaders at your church told you, it isn’t true. Nice repels women. While consciously they may like it, their unconscious minds regard nice as weak and servile. It is not the kind of behavior a dominant male will engage in. In other words, unattractive behavior. The lesson here is don’t be nice. This may seem counter-intuitive at first, but trust me, its true. Some quick tips:

– Don’t apologize incessantly. Do it once, if you truly need to. Make it quick and to the point. NEVER GROVEL.

– Don’t let women always go first. If it is your turn, just go ahead.

– Don’t do favors for women who have never done a favor for you. This is a quick path to being seen as a pack-mule, and nothing more.

Be Sensitive: Women are not looking for a sensitive, caring “touchy-feely” kind of man. They want to be able to cry on your shoulder, they do not want you to cry on theirs on a regular basis. You can show emotion, just don’t emote like a woman. In front of women you need to be strong, resilient, unflappable. You can show strong, and especially vulnerable, emotions to a woman after you are already attractive in her eyes.

“Get in touch with your Feminine Side”: You may hear occasionally that men should get in touch with their feminine side. This is possibly the worst advice ever when it comes to being attractive as a man. First off, men don’t have a “feminine side.” Anyone saying otherwise is preaching New-Age garbage. Second off, any attempt to “embrace” your feminine side means casting away the very masculine behaviors which make you attractive to women. Listen guys, if you think you have a feminine side, you need to follow the immortal words of Zippy:

Every man should go deep within himself and get in touch with his feminine side. Then he should strangle the bitch.

Ask women what they want: Most of the time, women don’t know what they want. Even if they say something, they may not mean it. The turth is that they actually expect you to know what they want. In other words, they want you to Just Get It. You can solicit thoughts and suggestions from a woman, but never be as direct as to actually ask her what she wants. Your best bet is to simply act and keep moving forward. If she complains, don’t apologize. If necessary, simply leave or take the gift back or whatever and don’t mention it again. But don’t succumb to any pressure to go somewhere else or get her something else. If she doesn’t like something you did for her, that’s her problem, not yours.

There is more to it than this, of course. The key thing to carry away from this section is that most of the relationship or dating advice that is given out these days is rubbish. Assuming you had anything near a mainstream “education” in such matters, you would do well to question everything you’ve ever learned. If you have any doubts or uncertainties, posts like this are the perfect opportunity to get answers.

III. Be Not Afraid


26 “So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known. 27 What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim from the housetops. 28 Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 30 And even the hairs of your head are all counted. 31 So do not be afraid; you are of more value than many sparrows.

(Matthew 10:26-31)

As Christians, we are reminded that we should not fear anything, save the Lord. We should be fearless in all we say and all we do. Once you start to truly take this to heart, it will change your life; fear is one of life’s greatest handicaps. Learning to control your fears provides one of the most liberating feelings possible. Embracing a life and spirit of fearlessness will aid you in all your endeavors, including your interactions with women.

Women are very much attuned to sensing fear in a man. And the aroma of fear is perhaps the most disturbing of all odors to women. Few things are as likely to repel them as much as a man who cannot control his fear. Not so much because the fear itself is unattractive, but because it is often accompanied by hesitancy, uncertainty and paralysis. But the flip side is also true: women are drawn to the strength of will and confidence that a courageous man displays. In fact, there are few displays of confidence as powerful as that of a man without fear.  Your fearlessness, when fully developed, is something that should give you an advantage non-Christian men will have trouble matching. If they do not fear death, it is only because they have nothing to lose. But you, you don’t fear death because you have everything to gain. So don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of being turned down. Don’t be afraid of women not showing interest. Don’t be afraid of disagreeing with them, or pointing out their errors. Just don’t be afraid.


Consider taking on a leadership position in your church, if you haven’t already. There are several reasons for this. To begin with, this is a chance for you to hopefully grow in your faith, as well as to serve the Lord and others. Also, it is a chance for personal growth, as the responsibility of leadership often serves as a crucible. Learning to exercise authority effectively is a major component of developing yourself as a man. Lastly, as I indicated earlier, Status matters to women. A leadership position in any organization provides some measure of status and as a result women tend find men in leadership positions to be more attractive than those who are not. Unless real fame is involved, it is mostly situation status. But if you take a leadership role in church, the women of your church will know, and it will affect their judgement of you accordingly. So this is a win-win all around: serve God, build yourself up, and become more attractive.

[I never thought to mention this until someone pointed it out, but don’t become a leader just so you can pick up the ladies. I trust that this message is unnecessary for my readers, but still, it bears mentioning.]


[I have a few other, unfinished ideas that I was originally going to include here. They aren’t fully fleshed out, so I am leaving this spot open so that I can introduce them here later. When that will happen I can’t be certain.]


To answer the fundamental question of my reader one last time: Yes, it is possible be a committed Christian and still be attractive to women. It is not an easy task in this day and age, but it is possible. You won’t be able to call on all of the tools that a pickup artist can rely upon, so you will have to dedicate yourself to working harder and smarter than them. Fortunately, unlike the PUAs, you don’t need to continuously worry about finding  woman after woman; you need only find one good woman.

With luck, this post can serve as a starting point for Christian men who have asked the same question my reader did, and wondered about the answer. I hope to follow this post up with others in the future, expanding on some of the points and ideas raised, and adding new ones to the mix. Anyone who is curious about what I meant, or has follow up questions, feel free to post in the comments below. I will try and answer your questions in a speedy manner.


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14 responses to “The Righteous Alpha

  1. Je Suis Prest

    Very interesting post Donal! I think a large part of the problem is the influence that women currently have in the church; we’ve become very feminized as a result and therefore try to teach everyone to practice their faith like women. I do think in some cases that being deeply religious can even be attractive to women as a man on a quest/mission in life has a sense of purpose/confidence that can make a girl want to be on his team for lack of a better term…

  2. theshadowedknight

    If masculine men are evil, only evil men will be masculine. Instead, teach good men to be masculine, so that they can drive off the evil ones. Then women will follow the good men instead.

    The Shadowed Knight

  3. I would add if a man takes to his tasks to honor the gifts God has given him instead of impressing women…all these traits will naturally flow forth.

  4. This is true. The new church that I go to, there are two “righteous alphas”. They are both brothers and what is interesting they are both taken (one has a wife and the other a girlfriend). They seem to attract female attention, but honestly, I think it is just primarily because of looks. There is another guy at my church (who in my humble opinion is more masculine) but girls seem to pay less attention to him (not that they don’t pay any attention, just less than the two other guys). This guy is a strong Christian, intelligent, and masculine, but right now young girls just seem to go for the guy that has “looks”.
    I think all of this is interesting though as I get to just watch on the sidelines and see the truth revealed. Human behavior is fascinating.

  5. Great post. Your truths about the good, the bad and the ugly are right on. This is such an essential part of the conversation because as you say attraction isn’t a choice. It truly is amoral. But too many Christian guys feel trapped between being “attractive” and being “Christian” when they absolutely don’t have to be. We really should have more confidence than a non-Christian. Not arrogance, but confidence. Great thoughts.

  6. First off, men don’t have a “feminine side.” Anyone saying otherwise is preaching New-Age garbage.

    You’ll find this very relevant:

    One of the key elements Jung introduced into western culture’s popular consciousness is the theory of anima and animus; that each individual, irrespective of sex, possesses greater or lesser degrees of association and manifested behavior of masculine and feminine psychological affiliations. In 2012, when you hear a 6 year old girl tell a 6 year old boy “you need to get in touch with your feminine side” in order to get him to comply with her, you can begin to understand the scope to which this idea has been internalized into societies collective consciousness. So long and so thoroughly has this theory been repeated and perpetuated that we can scarcely trace back it’s origins – it’s simply taken as fact that men and women possess varying degrees of masculine and feminine energies. First and second wave feminism founded their psychological premises of gender on Jung’s ideas and so evolved the reasonings for a push towards the social feminization we know today. The seeds for the feminine-centrism we take for granted today were planted by a Swiss psychiatrist in the early 1900′s.

    Whether or not there’s merit to Jung’s ideas, there’s little doubt of the impact they had on fem-centrism. Early feminists saw Jung’s theory as the perfect springboard to further a pretense of ‘gender equality’; thus making individual gender balance (i.e. androgyny) a new idealized goal state. Men simply needed to be perfected by exploring their ‘feared’ feminine natures, and women needed to be allowed the opportunity and freedom to masculinize themselves in order to perfect that androgynous balance. Introduce convenient, feminine controlled hormonal contraception and viola, gender equalism was born.

  7. Very strong post, Donal. So many reactions, so little time. I’ll have come back with more later, but let me offer a post from one of my secondary blogs, as it resonates with what Rollo commented directly above, about Jung, etc.:

    My other thought right now, is that you beat me to it. I was thinking about doing a post like this at the above blog, as far back as last December. It was prompted by Vox’s Sigma male category. I was looking to capture the idea of a righteous, God-fearing Sigma. My term was going to be Theta male. You have done a better job here than could have hoped to do, especially as this springboards off of your LAMPS vectors (which, when you arrange them by priority spell PSALM, which in a handy reminder if nothing else).


  8. allamagoosa

    Looks- This set of attributes is the one that you have least control over. Most of it is determined by genetics. What little control you do have comes from dieting.

    Actually, haircuts and facial hair can determine a lot about a man’s attractiveness. NSR and I were at a college jazz concert last night and I was looking around at the guys. Many of them had girly haircuts. Then I looked over at NSR with his short, masculine haircut and trimmed beard and was a very happy woman.

    – Don’t apologize incessantly. Do it once, if you truly need to. Make it quick and to the point. NEVER GROVEL.

    This cannot be emphasized enough. Seriously. I once had to resist the urge to scream “Shut the #%@* up!” (Yes, I swear and yes I’m working on that) at a guy who was groveling before me. Apologies and groveling won’t garner you favor.

  9. @ Alla

    Clothing and hair is something that I have had trouble placing before. Both impact Looks and> Status (for hair this may seem odd, but hair styles often show a lot about your status and position in society). You have control over both, although clothing more so than Looks.

    If I had to make a definitive choice, I would say both belong under Looks. Will update the post later to reflect this.

  10. Very well written piece. I find the Nice Guy mentality is pervasive in our church, especially among the 30-40 year old crowd. Thank I am blessed to be married to a wonderful woman who much prefers the Alpha me to the Nice Guy I was when we married.

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  13. sarah conaway

    What is the disconnect between being nice and having an alpha personality? Wouldn’t the ideal be to maintain a balance between being dominant and acting like a socially responsible human being? This prevalent polarization is likely the reason why I am turned off by alpha males. The irony is that they are supposed to be these powerful, aggressive leaders, yet how can you be powerful when you have no control over your temper or self-seeking desires? That’s not powerful, that’s using your personality traits as an excuse to ignore, insult, and exert unwarranted control over another individual for the sake of doing it and it’s neither Christian nor attractive. I haven’t been attracted to an alpha male since I developed self esteem because of this fact–often aggressive or “not nice” behaviors are backed by an undercurrent of weakness. It’s not true for every alpha male, but as evidenced by temper tantrums, lack of respect for others who are perceived as “weaker”, name calling, threats, etc–I never see any of that behavior and think,”Wow…that’s so sexy.” It’s just a bad human acting like a bad human. I hope for any “nice guys” reading this,that you understand that many women feel this way.

  14. Nice post, Donal!
    Clothing and hair… I would say these are Image Enhancers, which serve to amplify the presentation of Looks, Athleticism, Money, Power and Status. Other Image Enhancers for men might include, body posture, speaking slowly and authoritatively, appearing “busy” but relaxed, owning a certain kind of car, etc. Image Enhancers greatly contribute to the presentation of a glorified persona. Women are extremely conscious of Image Enhancers, and use them to a great extent, in addition to clothing and hair, wearing makeup, cosmetic surgery, etc. In fact, most (sexually aware) women greatly overestimate the power of Image Enhancers, and therefore think they can transform their whole identity by wearing a black dress and lipstick. On the other hand, most men greatly underestimate the power of Image Enhancers, and therefore leave them underemployed in their presentation. Of course, Image Enhancers for men are different from Image Enhancers for women.

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