Sign of the Times: You Are Not Alone

[This is part 2 in a series of indeterminate length]

The Old Order is Broken. There are some who don’t mind this; in fact, this was their objective all along. Others haven’t noticed because they never cared to begin with.  Yet others pretend that things haven’t changed, no matter the signs all around them. A few lament the passing, but eagerly dive into the possibilities that a world without rules has to offer.

Look around you and you will see a world where every institution and custom and tradition of worth has been gutted or corrupted beyond recognition. Overcome with the enormity of it all, it is easy to give in to despair.

For everyone who wishes that the Old Order hadn’t fallen, for everyone who wishes that men could be masculine and women could be feminine without drawing criticism, for everyone who wishes that they had another means of finding a spouse besides “dating”, for everyone who wishes that their children could grow up in a world where they could be assured of a good spouse, for everyone who wishes that the center had held, I have a message for you:

You Are Not Alone.

There are others out there like you. Others who want to live a Godly life, who want to find a Godly spouse, who want to start a family and raise Godly children, who want their children to have a future worth living. You are not alone. As always, God has reserved a remnant for Himself.

Now, at first glance, the obstacles between us can seem daunting:

-Great physical distances separate those of us who share these beliefs. The closest person might live in another town, another state or even another country.

-To reveal our true beliefs can imperil us and our family. The wrong words uttered to the wrong person can see us lose our reputation, our job, our family or our freedom.

-The Church is as often as not a foe as it is a friend. False teaching and doctrine has wormed its way into all denominations, and many of those who claim to speak the word of God act as though they were possessed by the lying spirit which came upon the prophets in the days of Ahab.

But all is not lost, because the very medium through which you are viewing this message also contains the solution to our problems. The Internet gives those of us in the remnant a means of reaching out to one another. Through it we can communicate, we can coordinate and we can plan. Thanks to the Internet we are not as isolated and alone as the surrounding culture would have us believe. When I first started this blog I believed that I was one of a handful of people who believed this way. But in the months since  more and more men and women who share beliefs similar to mine have found their way to this blog or others like it. An online community is growing up around us, and more will arrive as time passes. We are very much not alone, and this should comfort us in the days ahead.

[To be continued in Sign of the Times: Where To From Here?]



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14 responses to “Sign of the Times: You Are Not Alone

  1. lilyanna1

    Interesting article and, it does ring a belle based on the fact that everyone today is living without godly morals. In addition they are not accepting of individuals whom wish to live in the manner to accept morals and uphold god’s laws from his work the bible. Its quite sad once you really think about in every possible aspect.

  2. Looks like we are beginning to look for and find solutions! finally!

    there are so many ways we can bless lives with this!

    keep going donalgraeme!!

  3. Ah, I needed to read this, Donal. I just read an article at the The Thinking Housewife:

    and just felt like…I don’t know, like we’re just doomed. It seems hopeless. How is it that our highest institutions can truly produce work like this:

    “An Organizational Approach to Undoing Gender”

    and no one seems to bat an eye? As if this were somehow normal?

  4. Sunshine, that is the new normal. As I hinted at in this post and in the last, the center did not hold. Things fell apart, and we are forced to accept the conditions of the enemy, who was the victor in the latest struggle. The dominoes are falling faster than we can replace them, and I’m not sure it can be stopped at this point.

    I am finishing up a post right which covers “dating”, but I intend to address that topic again sometime this week in an nontraditional format. Stay tuned.

  5. The dominoes are falling faster than we can replace them, and I’m not sure it can be stopped at this point.

    You are right but it is disconcerting nevertheless to watch them fall and notice that no one else (or hardly anyone else) seems to be reacting.

  6. How can they react? The Enemy controls nearly all the levers of power. Say the wrong thing to the wrong person, and the consequences can be dire. That is the full measure of the Enemy’s success: he has left us in a position where those who want to resist don’t dare be the first voice to speak up. Our goodness works against us: we want to protect our families, our friends, and if we volunteer to be the martyr who is to say they won’t pay the price as well?

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  10. Ton

    Yep things have fallen. It’s good to see other men recognize it.

    About 10 years back I came to the realization the collapse was in full swing. Was probably to late to save anything around the mid 80’s and politics is only useful as a holding action to buy more time.

    Folks feel doomed because their point of view is all screwed up, they feel helpless and that things are beyond their control. Most things are beyond a man’s control, but we are not helpless and there is much a man can do.

    Now is the time for men to recruit allies, strengthen family ties, gain skills, marshal strength and put away materials for some later date. These things will give a man hope, not false hope based on magic thinking and happy news but hope grounded in the reality of his mental, physical and psychological strength. Hope based on the knowledge he has done all a man can do, made plans, taken prudent steps, that he has kin/ other men to rely on and fill the voids in his own skills/ strengths.

  11. Our goodness works against us: we want to protect our families, our friends, and if we volunteer to be the martyr who is to say they won’t pay the price as well?

    And this is the pressure point. Do we accept the will of God, which is foolishness to the world, or do we yield to the “wisdom” of the world, which is abhorred by God?

    Jesus Himself told us how to prioritize: “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

    Stay strong, brother. Do what’s right, and let Him handle everything else.

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  13. an observer

    What is normal? A work colleague with a teenage daughter told me the other day she plans to encourage her to go to college., and spend her twenties ‘exploring’ (the daughter aspires to become white eurotrash).

    Of course, work colleague spun the dice and did the career girl thing in her twenties. Having won the roll of the dice and pushed out three kiddies, she deludedly thinks that delaying fertility until it is least likely is obviously an acceptable career plan.

    Signs of the times? Common sense should not mean spending years of your life on stuff with little value. But apparently delaying marriage, embracing dating and the lies that women will be georgous and fertile forever, is the new normal.

  14. It’s depressing. I’ve been fighting really hard to overcome the effects of sexual abuse in my childhood – took the red pill, starting work on myself.. with a hope that maybe I could get a relationship… but being a complete virgin at 42….

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