Dodged a Bullet There

Boy am I glad that I stayed away from Sunshine Mary’s blog today. I haven’t seen this much friendly fire since I took a class of kindergarteners to a paintball park…

P.S. I am going to try and crank out Part 2 of the Market Failure series today.


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13 responses to “Dodged a Bullet There

  1. Bryce Laliberte

    And I’d only written a post on the feminine mode of discourse (which SSM hit *hard* with that post) earlier this week.

    Rollo’s position might be revised as this: “Humans are incapable of unconditional love.” Sure, a person might love another in the abstract, but as far as actually caring about another and being able to show it with their behavior, that is impossible. It violates the Dunbar number principle.

    A Christian like SSM may point out that we are commanded to love our neighbor like ourselves, or that we are supposed to be Christlike, but those commands are ideals. Practically speaking, until we’ve reached apotheosis such is literally impossible.

    Comparatively speaking, women tend to be more opportunistic lovers. Love, insofar as it is a function of maturity, must be shallower in those who tend to be less mature, and that is women rather than men. SSM shouldn’t have taken it so personally (but then it is the nature of Woman to do so).

  2. Theodore Logan

    She finds one example of a guy frivorcing and parades it around in the post disingenuously as if it is the rule and not the exception. Yeah, she is very red pill, not.

  3. theshadowedknight

    I have no idea why, but that post whipped the women over there into a frenzy. I have not seen anything of its like before. They are vicious, and even SSM–while claiming to be calm and amused–is brutal. Sarah’s Daughter and Margery are the only ones not joining in. What am I missing? I mean, that post was a series of misrepresentations bound up in sarcasm. It reads like a declaration of war inscribed on the skin of his son, and delivered with a slap and the finger.

    The Shadowed Knight

  4. infowarrior1


    Team woman people. Its the herd behavior of women when threatened.

  5. Ever notice how married Red Pill Christian Women, especially the former feminists, constantly shame divorce and talk about why its so very very wrong? (I always found said divorce obsession to be especially weird, because as a happily married woman the only time divorce crosses my mind is when I’m reading trashy celebrity gossip magazines)

    Red Pill Women hate divorce, and especially men who initiate divorce and remarry, because their greatest fear is their husbands initiating divorce and marrying someone else.

  6. theshadowedknight

    It is more than just Team Woman. The way it played out is so contrary to the normal behavior of the women involved. If it was simply a Team Woman battle, I would have said LLB, SD, Alte, and Elspeth. No, the way this is playing out is so uncharacteristic of the women. They are not hard to predict, but this is like different people. The tone, the read off of them is all wrong. I am not sure how to describe it, but everyone has their own patterns, their own frames, and they are not fitting properly.

    I have been the target of Team Woman, and it is a dance, with flow and a path. This is like an epileptic mosh pit. I am not sure how much I want to go back in, even just to watch.

    The Shadowed Knight

  7. theshadowedknight

    Actually, BF, that is a healthy function of women. Social pressure to stigmatize divorce and shun divorcees helps preserve marriages. I have no idea how prevalent divorce is in Japan, but it is out of control in the States. Being more of a problem for them, it gets more attention. They are merely reacting to their circumstances.

    The Shadowed Knight

  8. Hannah

    @The Shadowed Knight:
    “This is like an epileptic mosh pit. I am not sure how much I want to go back in, even just to watch.”

    You have wisdom well beyond your years (said in a truthful tone and in no way matronising!)
    Hence my message to you about Abed from Community 🙂

  9. This has happened on her blog before, although maybe not this strenuously. It seems to be a pattern: Guys like deti make some claim, and at first she objects and doesn’t want to accept it, but as they explain what they mean by it and back it up with evidence, she comes around to admitting that they’re right — perhaps grudgingly, but because she’s an honest seeker of the truth, she tries to learn from it. She may even take the claim they’ve made and expand on it from the female perspective.

    Then one day, out of nowhere, she seems to forget the entire discussion with all their disclaimers and explanations and her acceptance of it, and goes right back to square one with unthinking opposition to the claim. Suddenly it’s as if all those weeks of careful, mutually-respectful exploration of the issue didn’t happen, and the guys who were engaged in it are treated as if they’re trying to pull something.

    Honestly, I suspected PMS (not being flippant; it really came off as that kind of emotional outburst) but she says that’s not it. So I dunno, which is why I didn’t participate. My policy in real life these days, even (especially) with women I like, is to refuse to participate in their crazy. When a woman becomes irrational, I don’t play.

    I consider Sunshine Mary to be an honest seeker of the truth who genuinely appreciates men and is more concerned about their plight than 99.9% of women, which is why I participate heavily in her blog. But she’s still a woman, so the don’t-play-with-crazy rule still applies: when (probably not if) she turns irrational, it’s best to back away and let her deal with it on her own.

  10. Team Man was also in play. “OMG woman. Pfft. Stupid woman. How dare you point out that I’m trying to change the subject, you disrespectful thing??? Help me, I am being oppressed!” “OMG, stupid woman. What do you expect? It’s okay if we do it, but how dare she?” “Silly woman, also lying.” “We men rock, you know that?” “High-five, bro, we’re surrounded by women, who are stupid.” “Here’s some Scripture that looks like it shows how awesome we are if you don’t look at it too hard.”

    And that pinnacle of Christian reason, Rollo, reminded everyone that you can only speak to the nature of women if you’ve been in a fistfight and also drunk.

    Even the people claiming to be rational and who are praised for their reason are painfully irrational. This is why I point and laugh (oh, I’m hysterical, but not the way you think), then shrug and walk away, and why I don’t believe in individual liberty.

    Since you brought it up and all. *shrug*

  11. Deep Strength


    Your parody would have been legitimized aside from the fact that you are indeed acting like an immature child right now. It only goes to prove most of the men’s points, despite the fact that there are some truth to your words.

    I would suggest refraining from arguing when you are emotional.

  12. When I created this post it wasn’t my intention to carry that fight over here. Once I figure out how to lock comments on this post, I am doing so. This blog isn’t an alternate battleground.