Some Observations on the Female of the Species-2

Here are a few more thoughts I have had on the various women I have encountered lately-

1) Masculine Haircuts are a No-No

Now don’t get me wrong, some women look good in short hair. But a mohawk? There isn’t a woman alive who can look good in a mohawk. Yet this woman (lady would be inappropriate a descriptor) I saw a couple of days ago was sporting one out in public, apparently oblivious to the fact that on her it was utterly ridiculous and completely unfeminine.  Ladies, there is nothing wrong with a traditional feminine haircut. A simple long ponytail works perfectly fine. Or if you really want to mix it up, go retro. For an example of some great looking hairstyles out of the 40s, try here.

2) Beauty care

I know some women like to spend a lot of money on beauty products. But here is a secret ladies: the single, absolute best beauty care product you could possibly buy is a gym membership that you use regularly. The difference between most of the women I see out on the street versus those I encounter in the gym… it is like night and day. I was chatting with someone about this recently, and we both agreed that careful attention to physical fitness, especially leg tone, could make a huge difference in a woman’s attractiveness. While I was at the gym today I saw a young lady who was in fantastic shape; she might have been only a 6-7 based on facial attractiveness, but her incredibly toned body easily pushed her into the 8+ range.  Sunshinemary’s latest post, Service with a Smile, has a lot of tips in the post itself and in the comments on how women can stay in shape. I recommend all female readers to give it a look.

3) Say Yes to tasteful clothing

Dresses and skirts look feminine and bring the best out in a lady. Driving by a local hot spot last night, I spotted several ladies wearing long dresses that were still highly flattering, but didn’t make the women look like sluts. A striking difference compared to some of the evening wear I see on many women these days. Once again, there is a lot going for the retro look. Mad Men is very popular right now, and I think a large reason for this is the fact that the clothing was so much better then than it is now. If a woman wants to display value in order to draw commitment from a man, dressing in a tasteful, feminine fashion is the way to go. For those looking for some help, I am sure that the lovely ladies over at Traditional Christianity would be glad to be of assistance.

4) Excessive drinking is not feminine

Eating at a restaurant a few days ago, I observed several young women drinking at the bar, and noticed that they had polished off a not insubstantial amount of liquor. It occurred to me that until the last few decades, it was considered decidedly unladylike behavior for a woman to drink to excess. Especially in public. Yet these women did so without shame. This cultural change is not an improvement. I suppose that somewhere along the line a lot of women got the idea that men like women who can hold their own when it comes to drinking. This might be true for PUAs and their ilk, as they no doubt consider such women easy marks for their talents. But when it comes to commitment, we men do not like women who love their drink, much less alcoholics. Most western women are rude, crude and unpleasant enough to be around as is, and alcohol does not make this any better. So ladies, if you are going to drink, do so in moderation, and with class.

5) Attitude is everything

You know how I mentioned rude, crude and unpleasant in the previous paragraph? Women, don’t be like that. Really. Unless you have the body of a supermodel, men won’t want to have anything to do with you if your personality is more corrosive than acid. And even if you do, we will only want to be around you as often as we have to. As Sunshinemay says… Ladies: Don’t be sassy.  Don’t make it so that your every encounter with men seems like a Fitness Test. Some women have taken to the media to ask “Where Have All the Good Men Gone?” The answer is simple: as far away from most women as possible. Why? Because most women think that adopting masculine attitudes and behaviors is the way to go. Here’s a tip ladies: it isn’t. A sweet, feminine personality goes a long way. Men won’t lift a finger to help a woman who is a b—h, but will be willing to die for a good, loyal woman who possesses a quiet and gentle spirit. So ditch the attitude.

I’m not sure if I will have enough thoughts over time to keep this series going, but you never know.


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6 responses to “Some Observations on the Female of the Species-2

  1. Anja

    I think this is a great continuation of the first list. I’m a woman, and even I find the examples of unattractive traits listed above disturbing in fellow girls.

  2. I’d have to agree. The truth hurts a lot of women, lol – but I think it must be said! Thanks for helping your other halves! There definitely is a lost sense of femininity and class in our day. It is nice to hear that being feminine and acting like a confident caring woman is still attractive!

  3. I think this was a very good introduction into the series. Hope you don’t mind if I reblog this.

  4. Reblogged this on Lovelyleblanc7's Blog and commented:
    Pay close attention…

  5. I agree with every aspect of that post 200%

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