There’s an App for That

While modern technology can certainly be used for evil purposes, sometimes it can thwart them:

Mohammed Asif was left in tears in a police cell after Astria Berwick told officers he had carried out an assault on her in his cab.

But the 34-year-old eventually proved his innocence with a voice recording app he was using in his taxi because his CCTV was broken.

Rape is a horrific thing. But despite what some Feminists claim, false rape accusations do happen. And when they do, the life of the man falsely accused is often destroyed.

Mr Asif, a father-of-two from Carlton, Nottingham, said the experience had torn his life apart, leaving him unable to face working again for a month, having problems sleeping and causing him to lose a stone in weight.

He said: “She changed my life. I’m completely different now. I’m scared to go out.

As a result of her crime, Berwick was sentenced to 16 months in prison. I rather doubt that if Mr. Asif had been convicted of rape that he would have been sentenced to only 16 months. Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, the penalty for a false rape accusation should be as grave as for rape itself. If you are going to destroy a man’s life like that, you need to pay the price. Otherwise, based on a simple cost/benefit risk analysis, a woman who wants to hurt a man will be that much more likely to accept the consequences of getting caught if she knows he will suffer far more than she.  Unfortunately, the article doesn’t go into possible motives by Berwick for her actions, and Mr. Asif evidently didn’t know either. This article mentions that she was drunk, but goes no further. I suspect Berwick’s purpose was to gather attention for herself. Something else might be at play, but the love of attention that comes from being a victim might be a factor, as others have discussed before.

Pray for the victims of rape, but pray also for those falsely accused of it. And remember:

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

(Exodus 20)


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  1. Biblically, the punishment for bearing false witness was the penalty for the crime about which the false witness was borne. See Deuteronomy Chapter 19 15 One witness is not enough to convict a man accused of any crime or offense he may have committed. A matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. 16 If a malicious witness takes the stand to accuse a man of a crime, 17 the two men involved in the dispute must stand in the presence of the LORD before the priests and the judges who are in office at the time. 18 The judges must make a thorough investigation, and if the witness proves to be a liar, giving false testimony against his brother, 19 then do to him as he intended to do to his brother. You must purge the evil from among you. 20 The rest of the people will hear of this and be afraid, and never again will such an evil thing be done among you. 21 Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

    Yet again we have the legal system moving further away from Scripture.

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