When Push Comes to Shove

It is my belief that “Feminism” is nothing more than a massive, society-wide fitness test that has spiraled out of control and now threatens to bring civilization down around us.

What is a Fitness Test? It is when a woman pushes against a man to try and see if he will respond in a dominant or commanding manner. It involves a woman making unreasonable or unrealistic demands of a man and expecting that he will cave to her whims. She is testing his masculinity, trying to determine just how much Masculine Power he really has. What makes a Fitness Test truly maddening is that the woman unconsciously wants to fail. She wants the man to push back, or to swat aside her demand. She wants him to succeed, even though she doesn’t realize it. While it may bother her at first, when a man passes the test by refusing to cave into her demands, she will ultimately be happier as a result.

Unfortunately, this behavior has jumped from being something individual women do to something which is practiced on a massive scale. Women push and push and push. They push for more power over men everywhere.

They push for more power over men in universities. Sadly, all too many men are more than willingly to cave in and fail the tests.

They push for more power over men in science fiction and fantasy.

They push for more power by preventing men from enjoying all-male spaces or activities.

They push for more power inside the Church.


Well, now people (men and women alike) are starting to push back. This threatens the imperative, naturally. And so the push becomes a shove. Expect to see more visceral responses in the future against anyone who tries to expose what is going on. Women will be loathe to give up their precious feminism, and White Knights will be eager as always to step in and fight on their behalf. Things are going to get ugly.



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6 responses to “When Push Comes to Shove

  1. Heads up, my dear. You’ve linked to my post just as rabid GOMI feminists started to arrive.

  2. I’m not worried. After all, I’m just a man. But you? A woman who dares speak up against The Herd? It’s your blood they’re after.

  3. Should I get some popcorn? 🙂

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  5. AT

    Donal… you either have an absolute standard or you don’t. Deal with it. If you do, the only question is whether said standard is sufficient to salvation and faith. If not, you’re screwed. If it is, you’ll have a lot of enemies.

  6. I’m afraid that I don’t quite understand your response AT. Was your comment supposed to be in a different post?

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