Blog Status Update

I’ve been working on a post lately concerning my reaction to Father’s Day, but I’m not sure if I’m going to post it or not. It turned out to be both far more depressing in nature than I thought it would, and more of a “woe is me” gripe than was my intention. While I debate over releasing that post, I thought I would post an update on how this blog has been doing so far. I started it on March 10 of this year, and since then have accumulated the following stats (as of the time this post was written):

10, 744 views- The best day for views was on Monday, June 17th, as a result of a link from Dalrock.

247 comments- After myself, the most prolific commentator has proven to be Deti. Somehow, I don’t think that will come as a surprise to anyone.

My top three referrers are:

1) Sunshinemary

2) Dalrock

3) Hawaiian Libertarian

My top search engine term: female attraction (no doubt as a result of my LAMPS post)

After my home page, the most popular overall post of mine has proven to be… The Five Vectors of Female Attraction (LAMPS).

The USA has proven, by far, to be the location of most viewers, with Canada coming in next, and then then UK being a distant third.

Lastly, the blog which has received the traffic from me is Sunshinemary.


That does it for today, unless I decide to go ahead and publish that draft post.


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8 responses to “Blog Status Update

  1. deti

    please go ahead and publish that draft post.

  2. Alright. I will try and get it up later today if time permits.

  3. I’m glad to be sending traffic your way.

    You know, I noticed that Mr. Caldo wrote a comment aimed at me on Dalrock’s site saying that LAMPS is unbiblical. I’m generally a fan of Cane even when I don’t agree with him, but I’d be curious to hear whether you think LAMPS squares with the Bible.

  4. Its funny you should say that, because I think that when I first voiced the idea and you suggested a guest post, you said you weren’t keen on my posting something which went against scripture. I believe that my response then is the same as now: The Bible doesn’t address what women find attractive in men. At least, I can’t find that anywhere. Song of Solomon hints at attraction a bit (mostly for men to women), but female to male attraction isn’t directly addressed. I don’t see how it runs against anything in the Bible at all.

    I find it especially enjoyable that it is Cane Caldo attacking my system, because his whole “Women Love Dick” routine is a huge affirmation of my Masculine Power trait in the LAMPS system. I mean, what more visible and primal display of Masculine Power exists than a man’s cock?

  5. Does the Bible have anything on what a woman should/does find attractive? As far as I know, it gives a building block for how a Christian family should be structured, with the man as head of household to a submissive wife. The man reflecting Christ and the woman the church in the, “Love your wives as Christ loved the Church” fashion.

    Outside of setting a husband up as a leader (thus attraction through familial leadership and power), I don’t think the Bible touches on any attraction based in physical power, social status, wealth, or anything else at all, really.

    If I’m wrong, and they do exist, I’d love some enlightenment.

  6. That matches my understanding.

  7. Thought so.

    I don’t see how LAMPS would be unbiblical then. Nor anything that comments on what women find attractive and how to make yourself more attractive. The caveat being that it would avoid sinful actions while it does so, because many sins are attractive extremes of otherwise healthy/attractive behavior if channeled through Christian morality

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