Winnowing the Weak

In discussing the nature and effects of sexual harassment laws over at Sunshinemary’s site, Rollo Tomassi plugged a link to a post of his concerning how people react to a woman abusing a man in public. Reading through his post, one particular paragraph caught my eye:

In the manosphere a lot has been made in comparison about an alpha / beta dynamic in human behavior, but I think in focusing on similarities in primate social structures we neglect to see the pack mentality that is also prevalent in human nature. One of my passions is reconditioning retired racing Greyhounds. There is a peculiarity of this otherwise gentle breed in that they are prone to viciously kill other Greys who display behavioral cues that imply weakness, pain or disability. When an injured Grey yelps or cries from pain on the race track (or in a group setting) it’s not usually the broken leg that kills the dog, it’s the other 7 dogs piling on to tear it apart. This behavior takes a lot of people by surprise because it’s entirely incongruent with the nature of one of the most passive breeds of dog, but in their primal past a yelping dog could give the pack away to prey or otherwise endanger the collective. That yelping became the trigger cue for killing that member of the pack. It may have been a species survival trait in the evolutionary past, but now it’s a liability for the animal.

That inspired me to leave this comment over at SSM’s site:

Interestingly enough, it is women more than men who seek to tear down the weak members of the pack (non-Alpha men). Women despise weak men in a visceral way. The Nuclear Rejection is a perfect example of this. I theorized recently that maybe the nuclear rejection was a form of fitness test, but as others (especially SSM) made clear, that was not the case. Rather, it was just the most obvious indicator that women are repulsed by weak men, even hate them.

Since most sexual harassment laws only punish “unwanted” male sexual attention, they are the perfect example of the Feminine Imperative in action: women manipulating social systems to “protect” them from weak, unworthy, “Beta” (I don’t especially like the term, but that is what people use) men, while helping said women at the same time identify worthy, masculine “Alpha” men.

This ties in nicely with my earlier post, which I referenced in the comment,  concerning the nature of nuclear rejections. Perhaps a Nuclear Rejection is not merely an effort to, as Deti put it:

… to cause the man never, ever, ever, ever to even think about her ever again.

Perhaps it is instead an effort by the woman to signal to the rest of the pack that there is a male who is weak that needs to be “weeded from the whole.” In that sense, maybe sexual harassment laws serve, as their real purpose, as a means to “weed out” unworthy males from society in order to leave women with only “worthy” Alpha males. Others in the manosphere have speculated that feminism was an effort by women to associate themselves in close proximity with high-value men. Sexual harassment laws are the other side of the coin: to winnow the weak males out of the job market and allow women to focus their efforts on top tier Alpha men without distraction from unworthy men.



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5 responses to “Winnowing the Weak

  1. Sis

    Women are no more offended by weak men than men are offended by ugly, fat women. We require strength, you require beauty.

  2. Gouverneur Morris

    Um, Sis, speak for yourself. I can tell you for a fact that a good many members of the ‘sisterhood’ disagree with you.

  3. I’m not so sure about that Sis. While I admit that I am repulsed by those things, my reaction would be a short and blunt rejection. Most men would follow that pattern, I believe (although they may throw some offensive language in as well). I don’t think I ever heard of an example of a man giving a woman the equivalent of a nuclear rejection. Of course, that could simply be a result of men being naturally blunt and women tending towards histrionics. Or men do give nuclear rejections and I just haven’t heard of it.

  4. Peter

    Once in the early ’70’s I went to a rural estate sale in the Midwest and took the wife. While I was waiting for an article to be offered that I wanted to bid on, a man (I would say maybe 30) bid on something – can’t recall what.

    His wife immediately said, “I told you not to bid on that. I told you.” And to the auctioneer, “cancel that bid, cancel it, I told him not to bid on it.”

    Everything became absolutely silent, and the auctioneer said, “Well, I guess we can tell who wears the pants in that family.”

    The crowd laughed, and felt sorry for the guy with the shrew, and the auction resumed.

    I looked sternly at my wife and told her, “You had better never do anything like that!” She said, “I can’t believe she did that. I could never do that to anyone.”

    Amazing that the shrew has become the average and common woman of today. I hope the guy finally grew a pair and divorced her. Otherwise, I’m sure he had a hell on earth.

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