New Wine in Old Wineskins

I’ve been hesitant for a while about creating a blog of my own, as I was worried that it would prove to be a time-sink. However, given the amount of time that I’ve spent commenting, I don’t really have a valid excuse. The departure of Sunshine Mary from the web has galvanized me to finally set up a small home of my own. I enjoyed the discussions there, and will miss forum that she provided for a lot of thoughtful people.


This blog isn’t an attempt to bring that back, so much as it is an effort to carry on the conversation. As someone much wiser than I observed, no one puts new wine in old wineskins.


A lot of inspired ideas arose over at The Woman and the Dragon, and I hope to keep the discussion about them going. Maybe, if this blog works out, a few more ideas can be added to the mix. My plan is to try and bring back a few of my ideas that I bandied about over there, starting with LAMPS, then moving to moral agency, and then moving to new territory with a followup to LAMPS.


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7 responses to “New Wine in Old Wineskins

  1. thehap

    Do you know why The Woman and the Dragon went away?

  2. Someone started to post personal information about SSM, so she deleted the blog.

  3. thehap

    That is straight up tragic. What a loss to the internet.

    It’s selfish to say, but it’s too bad she couldn’t have left up a static version of the site so we could see all the historical content. You know, for posterity, and because I had not gone through it all yet.

  4. Try Google cache, or the internet wayback machine. They both have some records of the old site.

  5. thehap

    Indeed, but I have noticed that much of the gold to be found on these sites (thegirlandthedragon, Dalrock, MMSL, etc.) are in the comments.

    Does Deti have a site anywhere?

  6. No. And you are correct, a lot of the memorable quotes and stories are found in the comment sections of blogs, and those are rarely saved in full.

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